Purchase of equipment

The customized purchase module for refurbished equipment

A wide range of equipment for professionals

Decide what you need

You have the possibility to select products among those present on our site and then to define the necessary modalities and configuration of the equipment.
And if this is not enough, no problem, we will find the equipment you are looking for so that we can add a new reference to your selection. Also our teams are fully available to assist you in your needs according to the evolution of your activity. Your selection of products is therefore customizable at all times in order to guarantee you the best adapted offer in real time.

Personalization of your equipment

In order to make sure that your space looks like you, you will be able to choose the types of settings you need on your devices (hardware, storage capacity, processor…).

Flexible delivery according to your addresses

With the address book function, you will be able to define several delivery and billing addresses according to your structure, the number of your users or your type of customers.

Your sales representative at your service

Although myportal offers you a great deal of autonomy in the management of your purchases, a sales representative will be assigned to you and will be able to assist you with any questions you may have or to set up your space.

Our range of products

Barcode scanners

Our reconditioned barcode scanners, enjoying a second life, will be able to continue to follow you in your business development. You will find in this range the barcode scanners and printers as well as accessories.

Point of Sale equipment

All devices and accessories for controlling a cash point can be found here. Think for distribution professionals, you will find here a complete range of reconditioned equipment.

Electronic payment devices

Today, the payment terminal has become an indispensable tool for many activities. Here we offer you different formats or configurations, whether fixed or mobile, with the accessories that complete it to meet your various requirements.


Find our range of refurbished computers with laptops to fixed pc and other peripherals that can enhance your workstation like our computer screens. You will find a wide choice of professional computer equipment adapted to any type of activity.


Several ranges of refurbished smartphones are available with different configurations according to your needs. In particular, you can choose from different quality grades.


No more notebooks or flying pages that cannot be found! With our reconditioned professional shelves you will have an ergonomic, light and efficient tool to help you in your projects. Discover our different ranges here.


Are you looking for colour or black and white, do you want a simple reconditioned printer or a multifunction printer with a photocopier scanner? Discover our range of professional printers for all types of activities.


With this range of radiocommunication, we also provide you with reconditioned walkie-talkies if you have the need to communicate without constraints and securely.


Smartphones do not replace everything! We offer you our desktop phones for the professional world with the configuration of your choice whether it is in VOIP or digital or with or without wires.