Adress book

Myportal gives you the possibility to have several addresses depending on your entity

One, two, ten addresses... It's up to you

Our Myportal offer is designed to be customised to meet individual needs and expectations. Does the size of your structure involve different users with different billing and delivery addresses?
This is not a problem because with our “address book” module you will be able to save and use different addresses according to your purchases and thus personalise them according to the number of accesses to your portal.

Illustration carnet adresses

Differentiated deliveries and white labeling

Your structure, your customers, your addresses

You will of course be able to differentiate the delivery address from the billing address, but you will have the possibility to register several others. Depending on the number of stores you have or the number of customers you have. 
You will also be able to have your orders delivered in white label. That is to say that we will be able to program a direct delivery to your customer with your coordinates and your logo to make you save even more time.