Equipment rental

The management tool for your rentals designed for professionals

An alternative to buying that gives you flexibility during your growth periods.

Anticipate your needs by choosing a rental option

As myPortal is a service that can be customized to your specific needs, we can also offer you a rental service.
If your business is fluctuating or seasonal, renting can be a good alternative to buying.
You will be able to define which products you will need and then schedule your rentals over different periods in advance.

Do you have plans to rent?

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Short term

When you have occasional equipment needs and do not wish to invest in the expansion of your fleet, short-term rental is a solution. In times of increased activity or when you need to carry out an inventory within your company, you can now have the appropriate equipment at your disposal while reducing your costs.

Long term

If you are making a change in your business or wish to open up new perspectives while having the necessary equipment, the long-term rental offer can allow you to benefit from it without being the direct owner. This long-term rental contract can be transformed into a leasing contract if you finally wish to buy the equipment. Your investment budgets will therefore be smoothed over time and you will gain flexibility for your growth.

  • Emergency rental
  • Reliable planning
  • Adaptability to your needs
  • Step-by-step investment
  • Improved management of your fleet
  • Agility and accompaniment