The maintenance module, a technical advantage

Built to facilitate your equipment repairs

A simplified follow-up of your repairs

Extending the service life of equipment is naturally part of our core business by offering refurbished electronic devices. This is why we also offer a maintenance and repair service for your equipment.

Any failure or need for intervention on your equipment can be reported in one click by creating an incident ticket. Your equipment will then be taken care of by our maintenance partners so that it is restored to working order. 
With this module, you will be able to prevent, order and monitor the status of your repairs and thus ensure better maintenance of your equipment.

Possibilities of the module :

  • Replacement Loan
  • Software pre-configuration
  • Immediate exchange without return
I'm applying for an intervention
Reception 20%
I receive a replacement unit
Exchange 45%
We repair your equipment
Expertise 78%
You receive your device ready to use
Delivery 100%

Simple statement

In just a few clicks, you send us your repair request and we schedule an intervention.

Replacement Loan

You will have the opportunity to obtain replacement equipment to avoid a business disruption.

Commercial delivery

Follow-up of your repairs

You stay informed of the status of your repairs so that you can anticipate the recovery of your equipment.

Ensuring the proper maintenance of your equipment is also...

Promoting the sustainable development of your activity

Because although maintenance allows you to perpetuate your investment in equipment, you also participate in the promotion of a circular economy by encouraging reuse. At myportal, we make every effort to ensure that equipment is more likely to be reused rather than recycled.
You too become a player in a more virtuous economy by promoting the long-term use of your equipment.