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To manage your IT equipment, use a private portal from now on.

Le matériel électronique de votre entreprise est déja sur myPortal.

Managing your IT assets has never been easier with myPortal.

Powered by the Greentraders marketplace, myPortal is a complete asset management service integrating simple asset management and purchasing functionalities.

Whether you need to add units to your fleet, rent them for peak periods of activity or resell equipment, myPortal provides a fluid and simple interface to connect with international service providers directly from your portal.

All the biggest brands on the market

With modules, nothing could be simpler

Add to your portal the functionalities you use.

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Bilan carbone

Various product categories already available on myPortal.

You can already have products from these different categories added to your portal.


Asset management, which also includes your carbon footprint.

You can take advantage of the “Carbon balance” module on your portal, which calculates your CO2 emissions linked to your purchases. Thanks to the algorithm provided by Greentraders, your myPortal can become your first purchasing tool able to help you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Bilan carbone

Are you starting up or do you want to offer new services?

Take advantage of myPortal products and services for your customers.

Your customer wants to rent or maintain a fleet but you are not able to assist him? What if you take advantage of the myPortal modules to complete your offer and keep the loyalty of your customer?

Discover now our reseller-related modules and expand your service offer today.

"Thanks to myPortal, we've implemented a simple management system that allows our stores to manage their purchases and arrange rentals for their peak inventory."
Purchasing Manager