myPortal features

A portal designed to your needs

Your needs are unique, the interface with which you manage them must be too. myPortal was created to fully customize the way you manage your assets, from purchase to resale through maintenance, myPortal is the ideal tool to simplify your daily life.

What we offer you...

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All the material you need, directly from your portal.

A wide choice of products adapted to your needs

When buying from Myportal, we will work with you to define your need for refurbished equipment and offer you a selection of products best suited to your business.

Would you like a demo of what your portal could look like? It’s right here

To rent, one click and it's done!

myPortal integrates an optional equipment rental management module.

Whether it is short or long term, you will be able to schedule rentals over given periods with the equipment of your choice.

With this feature you can serenely anticipate your inventory phases or even deal with certain peaks of activity in an emergency.

With this maintenance option, nothing will be easier to manage your repairs.

Quick and easy support

By helping you to monitor your IT equipment, you can use this portal to inform us of any breakdowns or need for intervention on your equipment.

The maintenance management via this personalized tool will guarantee you a better follow-up as well as a better reactivity on the possible dysfunctions.
With Myportal, repairing your units will become child’s play.

Resell your old equipment and save money.

With the hardware buy-back, we upgrade your IT fleet to give it a second life.

You want to renew your computer park but you don’t know what to do with your old hardware yet? The solution can be found with this module to buy back your equipment.
This trade-in solution will allow you to add value to your old IT fleet and thus do even more savings on the acquisition of a new one.

On our side, we will do everything we can to ensure that your equipment is reused rather than recycled.

Become a member of a circular economy by participating in carbon reduction.

Track your avoided carbon footprint with this module

Myportal supports you in your digital transition by making it easier for you to renew and manage your IT assets, but it will also enable you to become a player in a circular economy with re-employment.

With this calculation module, you will be able to monitor your carbon footprint as you place orders and integrate it into your company’s CSR policy.